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I understand that it is not necessary for me to help the police gain a conviction when charged with a DWI. Most criminal lawyers advise their clients to refuse a blood alcohol test, a breathalyzer test, or any type of field sobriety test. Proving that you are guilty is not your responsibility. Most lawyers would recommend that you refrain from helping the police. In the United States, when an individual is arrested for a crime, he considered innocent until the State proves him guilty. The state is required to prove guilt. It is not the individual’s responsibility to prove innocence. Visit to schedule a free consultation.

When charged by the police, it doesn’t mean you are guilty of a crime. This attorney has aggressively represented clients to get the best possible deal regarding DWI charges. Our experienced attorney works with clients in San Antonino Bexar County. He will fight hard to get the charges dropped or reduced depending on the circumstances.

When a breathalyzer test is requested by the police, you can expect to be arrested for DWI. Your priority should be to avoid a criminal conviction of driving while intoxicated. The officer may then request a blood sample which most lawyers will recommend that you refuse. You will then be placed under arrest with your license confiscated. When you refuse to take a breathalyzer test or give a blood sample, there is a civil consequence which is a license suspension which is not as serious as a DWI conviction.

It has been determined that each of these tests have flaws that help the police to get a conviction. Many lawyers will agree that without the test for BAC, or your choice to refuse the sobriety test, it is difficult for the prosecutor to get a conviction. The court will need evidence against you to get a conviction and to impose fines and possible jail time.

The best advice is not to drink alcohol and drive a motor vehicle, but if you make the wrong choice, contact this experienced attorney for the best possible outcome.

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